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Creating an organized environment for students to learn has been a passion of The Original Seat Sack Company® since 1999.  With the success of our internationally-recognized Seat Sack™ chair pocket, the Read-n-Go® book bag and other home storage, school supply organizers and office file systems, the corporation has expanded its product line to include: award-winning educational products, games, learning toys, equipment and resources for teachers, parents and students.  The new educational line is offered under O2Teach® a division of The Original Seat Sack Company® which will continue the tradition of providing high quality educational tools and organizers that assist educators in engaging learners and meeting the needs of the individual student.

The Original Seat Sack Company® has been working with teachers and parents to provide convenient, personal, out-of-the-way storage; so students can learn in an organized environment.  As we grow, our continued pledge to you is to maintain our reputation for exceptionally high quality products and customer service through our headquarters located in Naples, FL.

O2Teach® products invite children to explore fine motor skills, social skills, creativity, theme-based learning, imaginative play, as well as language, math science and social studies resources.  All of our products feature high-quality construction and are sold at extremely competitive prices. Helping you to formulate successful learning, innovation and higher level thinking in the classroom and beyond, we invite you to shop with The Original Seat Sack Company® and O2Teach® today!

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