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      Seat Sack

      Seat Sacks are a great way to keep classrooms organized and mess-free. These handy chair pockets attach easily to the back of chairs and provide students with easy access to classroom supplies such as pencils, markers, scissors, glue sticks, erasers, rulers, and more. Classroom chair pockets also help reduce clutter on desks and tables by providing students with an individual spot for their supplies that can be accessed quickly when needed. Seat Sacks for classrooms can also be used for other purposes such as holding papers or assignment books so that they're always within reach during class time. At The Original Seat Sack Company, we make the highest quality chair pockets from durable materials and meet all flammability requirements, CPSIA, and Prop 65 standards. Our Seat Sacks come in single pockets, double pockets, and clear pockets as well as special sizes so they can fit any student chairs. With a variety of choices at Seat Sack, we are sure you will find a Seat Sack perfect for your student's desk. Pick out your child's favorite color or your school's color from one of our seven vibrant color options and keep your desk tidy and organized this school year. With classroom chair pockets it's easier than ever for teachers to keep track of their student's supplies while creating a neat environment conducive to learning!