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SEAT SACK™ has been producing a quality product for over 18 years.  Our consistent quality product and customer satisfaction is a testiment to the SEAT SACK™ name.
Thank you to all of our customers who have shared their love for SEAT SACK™ with us over the years.

Thank you Mr. D'Auria for stopping by our booth at the NYC Celebration Conference to share the photos of your very organized classroom.  Your Seat Sacks™ look wonderful!
The Seat Sacks™ are great and the kids love them!
Santa Monica, CA
I love your seatsack products!  Everyone who comes into my classroom comments on how great the seatsacks are! 
I teach 1st grade and my students' desks are always neat and clutter free because of your products.
Rockville, MD
I really must say working with Seat Sack™ has been truly a nice experience. 
Everyone, that I spoke with at your company was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. 
And I must add a pleasure speaking with "real" people instead of a automated phone.
Flushing, NY

I wanted to let you know that I received the class set of seat sacks™ as well as the file-n-save sack™.
I absolutely love them!  I am very pleased with the products.  I can’t wait to introduce them to my students this year.
Thank you so much for your help in ordering.  It was greatly appreciated.  Have a great weekend.

Bought them love them!

I just have to tell you that I LOVE having the seat sacks™! I have used them in the past but never thought of using them the way I am using them now. I am only allowing my kids to put in them the materials that go to and from school and home in them, as well as any books they are currently reading for pleasure. What I have found, is that this REALLY helps my kids who struggle with organization and forget to bring everything home each night. Since that is all that is in their seat sacs, they remember to bring it home EVERY time! I have NEVER found a "CURE" for this problem until now, and I have taught 13 years!!!! NOTHING worked with these kids until the seat sacks™!

Thanks again for supplying my classroom with such a great organizational tool!
Naples, FL
Not only did you keep your promise but as a business person, instill renewed faith in the American Businss today.
Your company should soar to great heights as it goes to great lenghts to satify the customer. A pleasure doing business with you.
Wanque, NJ
I am currently using seat sacks in my classroom.  Love them!
Charleston, SC
I teach Kindergarten and I love the seat sacks that I have purchased from the Seat Sack Company.  The seat pockets that I have previously used were from School Specialty.  They were heavier, harder to clean (couldn't wash them in the washing machine) and there wasn't a variety of colors to pick from.  The seat sacks are light weight, are offered in a variety of colors, and are very durable.  My students use the seat sacks as work pockets.  The sacks stay on their chairs very well and they hold several folders, workbooks, and learning games.  My students and I love them and we all feel very organized.  When I take them home to wash them, my students are very lost without their seat sacks.  They are very happy when they are back on their chairs.

Fairland, OK
Jamie-Halsety, OR Seat Sack Testimony
I love your product! This is the second set of SEAT SACKS™ I have purchased for my classroom.
I would never have a classroom without them. I have these SEAT SACKS™ specially made so that they would have our classroom name on them (The Beaver Lodge)

I love how spacious the sacks are. They are perfect for my first graders to keep all of their paperwork in that they use daily. We use our SEAT SACKS™ every day to label seats, keep our work neat and tidy, and to manage the clutter in our classroom. They also are easy to keep clean. I just run them through the washing machine at the end of each school year and they are ready and in great condition year after year.
Thank you for making a great product.
Halsety, OR
Seat Sack Satisfied Customer-Victoria, New York             Seat Sack Satisfied Customer-Sharon Gr. 2, New Jersey
Seat Sack Satisfied Customer-Lisa (Parent), New York      Seat Sack Satisfied Customer-Yvonne, New York
Seat Sack Satisfied Customer-Gabriel Gr. 6th-8th English, New York 
Seat Sack Satisfied Customer-Gabriel (English), New York
              Seat Sack Satisfied Customer-Chelsey Gr. 1, New York    Seat Sack Satisfied Customer-Lindsay Gr 4&5, Connecticut
Seat Sack Satisfied Customer Catherine (Principal) New York
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