Tech Storage

Take control of your tech gear with this versatile, yet simple solution for tech storage. Our clever tech sack design offers quick, convenient organization for all your devices and peripherals. Our side storage pocket securely hangs from a desk or table via an industrial strength hook & loop closure, making it easy for students or office workers to access tablets, laptops, and other tech accessories. This functional tech sack keeps tech accessories organized in plain sight.

With tablets and laptops becoming a standard in many schools, our Tablet Taker is a great way for kids to easily store their devices in a safe designated place. Choose the small Tablet Taker for iPads & tablets and the large size for Chromebooks and other small laptops. Tablets can take up a decent amount of desk space, so when not in use, our tech sack desk pockets are a great place to store the device and keep it out of the way for other activities. Our tablet taker also has a separate storage space to hold other important technology accessories like earbuds and chargers. Simply hang the Tablet Taker on the side of a table or desk for a quick and easy storage solution. Now students can easily transition between tablet time and other activities. Tech storage from Seat Sack keeps electronics in a designated area so they are easily accessible and keep desks free of clutter. Seat Sack tech storage helps students learn to organize their electronics and gives them a designated place for chargers, headphones, laptops, tablets, or any other electronics and accessories.

How does the Tablet Taker attach to the desk or table?

It uses an industrial strength hook & loop closure that sticks to the top of a desk or table so it can hang down.