Pencil Pouches

Are you tired of the never-ending clutter in your classroom? Organize and elevate your classroom with pencil pouches from Seat Sack. Pencil Pouches created by Seat Sack have spacious, zippered pockets and plenty of storage for school supplies and other small items. Discover the ultimate solution to keep school supplies neat, accessible, and engaging for young minds. These durable pen cases, tool holders can be purchased individually or in bulk. Every student needs a pencil pouch to hold their essential supplies like pencils, markers, crayons, glue sticks, earbuds, pens, and erasers - - all small supplies. Conveniently store and transport school supplies in one easy-to-carry, teacher-approved pencil pouch from Seat Sack. The zipper closure on each pencil pouch seals shut, helping to keep vital supplies from flying out when moving around, and the clear sleeve provides a place for students to personalize and label their pencil pouch to avoid pencil case pouch mix-ups. Seat Sack pencil pouches come standard with a loop so students can easily hang their case from their desk, chair, or backpack. Our Strap-n-Sack pencil pouch easily slips onto the front of your binders, so you can carry one item and have all of your necessary paper and supplies. The Strap-n-Sack pencil pouch combines functionality with its versatile storage pockets which encourages students to take ownership of their supplies and promotes a send of responsibility. Students are notorious for losing tons of school supplies. Put an end to missing pencils with our zipper pencil pouches from Seat Sack.