How do I place an order?

Purchasing from The Original Seat Sack Company® is very easy.  We offer five effective ordering procedures that are convenient and simple for all our customers.

  • Website Purchases: Purchasing through our website, www.seatsack.com, is by far the most convenient for our customers. Just pick the products you are interested in purchasing and add them to your shopping cart.  Once you are ready to purchase your items, just follow the “Checkout” procedures by clicking the “checkout” button or the “checkout” bag on the top right side of the website menu bar.
  • Email Purchases:  Please click here for further instructions.
  • Phone Purchases:  Phone in your order, by calling 1-800-764-1235.  Our sales department will process your order and inform you of your payment options.
  • Fax Purchases:  Simply print off the order form and fax the form to (239) 596-2377 and our sales department will process your order.
  • Mail-In Purchases:  Mail your order directly to our sales department to the address below.  We will process your order for you.

Mailing Address:       
3066 Tamiami Trail N, Ste 101
Naples, FL 34103

Shipping Address:

3066 Tamiami Trail N, Ste 101
Naples, FL 34103

How long will it take to receive my order?

  • The Original Seat Sack Company® will process most orders within 1-3 business days. 
  • We ship standard ground shipping, but we offer express shipping on orders for an additional shipping fee, which can easily be calculated by placing items into the cart, proceed to checkout, enter shipping information and then view shipping options. 
  • Personalized Name Cards please allow 3-5 days to process your order.
  • Though your order is usually processed within 1-3 business days, we do recommend that you plan ahead as shipping can take extra time, orders are manufactured as they are received, and we do have seasons where ordering can be delayed due to high demand. During these seasons orders can take 5-7 business days for processing.
  • In addition to the processing time, please allow 5-7 business days for ground shipping in the contiguous US. Orders shipped outside of the US may take extra time due to custom and shipping delays that are beyond our control.
  • Please note that long delays in our shipping schedule will be posted on the front of our website-Thank you for your patience.

I received a mailer with a discount code…how do I use this code at check out?

Proceed through checkout per usual. During the checkout process simply place the code in the box when prompted and your discount will be applied during the final checkout process. Please note that codes may be case sensitive.

If you are ordering by purchase order, email, fax or USPS; simply write the code on the order form and we will apply the discount.

Need assistance with a shopping cart?

Please call us at 1.800.764.1235 to speak with a customer service representative.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Seat Sack® welcomes purchase orders. Please click here for more information on Purchase Orders.

Bids and Contracts:

If your purchase requires formal bids, please add SEAT SACK® to your bid list as well as your vendor list. SEAT SACK® will give written and verbal bids.

How do I request a Quote?

Please click here to request a quote.

How do I figure out which size Seat Sack® to purchase?

SEAT SACK® comes in several different sizes. Please click here to go to our SEAT SACK® page for sizing information.

Does SEAT SACK® come in different colors?

The original SEAT SACK® is available in a palette of radiant colors:  Apple Red, Sunny Yellow, Crisp Green, Tuxedo Black, Royally Purple, Totally Orange and our Original Blue.

Does SEAT SACK® only have one pocket?

There are two options available, a single pocket or a double pocket Seat Sack®

Can the name cards in my order be personalized with my school or company logo?

SEAT SACK® products can be personalized with a school name or logo.

It is free on orders of 100 items or more. If you are not ordering 100 items there is a minimal fee to order personalized name cards, look for item 99999 to order personalized name cards today.  Please contact customer service with more questions. (This offer does not apply to Retailer orders purchasing via wholesale prices.)

Will it take extra time for my order if we choose to have our logo placed on the product?

Yes, extra time is needed for artwork and printing.  This is usually completed within 3-5 business days.

What is your Exchange/Return Policy?

Please click hereto review our policies.