K-12 ESSER Funding for Seat Sack Products


 What Seat Sack® Products can ESSER funds be used for?

The government stipulates that ESSER funds may be used to prevent, prepare for and respond to COVID-19. Districts must use at least 20 percent of ESSER funding to address learning loss through evidence-based interventions. This leaves open a wide range of uses:

  • Investing in furniture, accessories and equipment to keep teachers, students and staff safe and /or distanced during in-person instruction, such as individual desks, products to keep school supplies separate and personalized space. Qualifying Products: Seat Sack®, Hand-e-Sack®, Side Sack, Clamp-on Cup Holder, Tablet Taker®
  • Purchasing health and safety equipment to help prevent the spread of disease, such as products that can be cleaned and sanitized. Qualifying Products: Seat Sack®, Hand-e-Sack®, Side Sack, Clamp-on Cup Holder
  • Investing in educational technology and remote learning tools, including products that assist with helping to make sure that technology devices, books and learning materials can safely be sent home if distance learning is necessary. Qualifying Products: Tablet Taker®, Strap-n-Sack®, Read-n-Go®
  • Purchasing adaptive furniture, accessories and equipment to support students with special needs. Qualifying Products: Seat Sack®, Hand-e-Sack®, Tablet Taker®, Side Sack, Clamp-on Cup Holder, Strap-n-Sack®, Read-n-Go®

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More Information on ESSER FUNDING... 

What is ESSER?

ESSER stands for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, a federal program administered by the Department of Education in response to COVID-19 pandemic. The program provides emergency financial assistance to public school districts across the country.

K-12 institutions may use ESSER funding to address pandemic learning loss and invest in infrastructure and programs to open and operate safely.

The government has signed three ESSER packages into law, totaling $189.5 billion:

ESSER I was approved March 2020 for $13.5 billion

ESSER II was approved December 2020 for $54.3 billion

ESSER III was approved March 2021 for $123 billion


Is my school eligible?

Every school within a district, regardless of its Title I status, is eligible to receive ESSER funding. Charter schools and private schools that belong to LEAs (local educational agencies) are eligible to receive ESSER funding as well.

How can my school apply for ESSER funding?

School districts may apply for ESSER funding through their state educational agency, or SEA (the agency primarily responsible for the State supervision of public elementary schools and secondary schools.)

SEA’s in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia apply directly to the Department of Education for ESSER funds and are responsible for allocating the funds to relevant school districts.


When do ESSER funds expire?

School districts have a limited time to spend ESSER funds. Each round of ESSER money has a specific deadline for use and time period of availability. ESSER funds must be liquidated within 120 calendar days after the end of the availability period.

Tier 1 - ESSER I funds are available for use until September 30, 2022

Tier 2 - ESSER II funds are available for use until September 30, 2023

Tier 3 - ESSER III funds are available for use until September 30, 2024