Bundle of 10 Seat Sacks for instant slide-on chair pocket storage, available in special sizes, 19" Adult Seat Sack, Elastic Back Expandable 12-17" Seat Sack, chair pocket. See sizing chart, seat sack special size chair pockets

Seat Sack | Bundle-Special Sizes


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Purchase a bundle of Seat Sack® special size chair pockets for desk organization and save.  Seat Sacks® are used by teachers for classroom management, at-your-desk storage solutions and to teach basic organization of personal items. Simply slide onto the back of a a chair to create instant storage of books, papers, school supplies and more.
Bundle Includes:
  • 10 Seat Sacks® in the same size and color (includes 10 name cards)
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Click Here for a Printable Sizing Chart

Chair Measurements for Seat Sacks

** Measurements shown above are the width of the chair back. **
Chair should measure that width or less for the Seat Sack to fit properly.

Seat Sacks have a tapered design to better fit chairs.

First Measurement:
Measure across the very top of the back of the chair.
Second Measurement:
Measure down 3 inches from the very top of the back of the chair and measure across again at this point.


SEAT SACK® Care Instructions: 
Seat Sacks® are machine washable and can be dried.  Please follow the instructions below:

Machine Wash:
Machine wash on a warm/gentle cycle 

Tumble dry on low
You may also lay flat or hang to dry.

Extra Tips from Teachers:

Please note that we are not promoting any products, only listing ideas that teachers have sent us.

Instagram Post from thelilteacher:  This idea from gocleanco. Throw Seat Sacks® into a tub and soak them in powdered Tide® and Borax®. After soaking machine wash to get the soap out.

Thelilteacher has pictures of her washed Seat Sacks® posted on her Instagram page and they look amazing!

In addition, teachers that had ink on their Seat Sacks® have recommended Amodex®. They do state you must follow the directions on the back of the bottle for a successful removal of the ink.

Seat Sack products meet or exceed the following CPSIA testing guidelines and requirements.
  • CPSIA Certified
  • Flammability Standards-CPSIA 16CFR1500.44
  • Prop 65 Safety Guidelines and Requirements
  • CCPSA Safety Guidelines and Requirements
  • EU Regulations and EN 71 Safety Guidelines and Requirements
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