Book Baggies

Our Read-n-Go book baggies for classrooms are a great tool for students in elementary school to safely transport books to and from the library. The reading bags provide a convenient way to store library books and travel between home and school, making it easier for children to bring their favorite stories with them wherever they go. Ideal for carrying books to use with a book buddy. Now students can check out library books easily and bring them back in the same condition they were received in - - no more soggy books or awkward explanations to the library.

Don't worry about your little one dropping or damaging their school library books anymore with reading bags. The clear plastic covers protect the books from rain, mud, dirt, snow- - anything your little one stumbles upon so library books remain in good condition until they reach their destination safely. Our kids library book bags come with a built-in handle and hook, so you can easily hang and store books and bring them on the go. Add a 3-M hook to your order for a quick easy way to hang the Read-n-Go book bag from the side of a desk, in a cubby or anywhere this book bag will hang for easy access. Read-n-Go book baggies provide an efficient way for young students to take care of their library books and keep them organized to and from school.

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