Special Sizes

Our special size chair pockets will assist with hard to fit, ergonomic back, and larger size chairs. The grander size chair requires a larger size Seat Sack. There are two models in this category.

  • Elastic back, which is a 17” Seat Sack with elastic added across the whole back. It is designed for classrooms with a large range of chair backs and the hard to fit chairs that have measurements of 14” or less across the top of the back. Elastic helps to hold the seat pocket in place on the chair.
  • Adult 19” Seat Sack, this sack is for larger size chairs that measure greater than 14” across the very top of the back of the chair. There is elastic in just the sides of the sack to help hold the sack in place. 
  • Ideal for schools that use large sized binders
  •  Perfect for helping to keep materials organized
  •  Clear sleeve holds a name card 
  • Ideal for use in the home, school, library, office, church, synagogue or wherever seat storage is needed