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    Seat Sack Bundle of 10, chair pockets, classroom storage, cubbies at-your-seat-storage, chair covers, school supply pouch

Seat Sack | Bundle-Single Pocket

This "Bundle of 10" Seat Sack chair pocket storage systems is designed to offer quick, convenient, and easy organization by simply sliding them on to the back of a chair to keep students and classrooms organized. Buy in a bundle and save!



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Care & Cleaning

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Save when you choose a bundle of 10 single pocket Seat Sacks to fit your chairs. Choose your favorite color and receive 10 of the same fun color and size at one low price. Get your classroom décor organized and in style with the easy to install Seat Sack. Our high quality, double stitched chair pockets are perfect for table or desk organization with their roomy pocket. Look to Seat Sack for teacher resources for classroom management, at-your-desk storage solutions and to teach basic organization of personal items. Students can easily access all of their essential school supplies in a moment's notice with a seat pocket on the back of their chair; having students' resources close at reach helps to lessen distractions and promote a more concentrated learning atmosphere. School organizations can also purchase Seat Sack® bundle packages in bulk quantities of 10, schools are able to receive discounted prices by purchasing in bulk. Simply slide onto the back of a chair to create instant storage of books, papers, school supplies and more, all while saving both time and money. Looking for custom Seat Sack® bulk orders? Fill out our quote request form and receive a free estimate on your single pocket Seat Sacks ordered in bulk.

Design Insights:

  • Bundle Includes: 10 Seat Sack in the same size & color, 10 Name Card
  • Classroom Management: Helps students organize their materials and maximize desk space, allows teachers to color-code groups for easy classroom management, and offer a roomy gusset pocket for extra storage capacity.
  • Color Options: Available in a variety of colors to aid in group management, color coding and classroom décor. Each Bundle includes 10 of one color and size.
  • Durable and Roomy: Made of a durable, high-quality poly/cotton laminated material. Seat Sacks are available in different sizes to best fit a variety of chair backs. Our roomy chair pockets have a 2-inch gusset that expands to provide extra storage.
  • Machine Washable: Easy to spot clean, but can also be machine washed and dried. See Care and Cleaning Instructions.
  • Product Safety: Certified flame-resistant, CPSIA, Prop 65, meets additional CA and EU standards.
  • Multi-Use Work Space Organizer: Use in the classroom, home office, library, music room, church, synagogue or anywhere extra chair storage space is needed.
  • Age Recommendations: Sizes to fit most chairs, perfect for any age and space that has a chair and needs additional organization.


SEAT SACK® Care Instructions: 

Seat Sacks® are machine washable and can be dried.  Please follow the
instructions below:

Machine Wash:

Machine wash on a warm/gentle cycle 


Tumble dry on low

You may also lay flat or hang to dry.

Extra Tips from Teachers:

Please note that we are not promoting any products, only listing ideas that
teachers have sent us.

Instagram Post from thelilteacher:  This
idea from gocleanco. Throw Seat Sacks® into a tub and soak them
in powdered Tide® and Borax®. After soaking machine wash to get the soap out.

Thelilteacher has pictures of her washed Seat Sacks® posted on her Instagram
page and they look amazing!

In addition, teachers that had ink on their Seat Sacks® have recommended
Amodex®. They do state you must follow the directions on the back of the bottle
for a successful removal of the ink.