Classroom Pack of 25 Double Pocket Seat Sacks available in standard, medium or large sizes, Perfect for keeping take-home and stay-at-school items separate, Seat Sack Classroom Pack Double Pocket

Seat Sack | Classroom Pack | Double Pocket


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This elevated edition of our Seat Sack chair pocket is available for the whole class. This class pack keeps school essentials in reach and off the floor. Dual compartments help to organize materials by compartmentalizing the day’s work. Simply slide on this 2-pocket model of the seat pouch for quick, convenient, instant organization and storage of school materials.
Design Insights
  • Dual compartments for streamlined desk storage
  • Use 1 pocket for take-home & 1 for stay-at-school folders
  • Separation of AM/PM kindergarten folders
  • Keeps school supplies separate from books & papers
  • Appropriate for church materials for attendees
  • Clear sleeve holds name card
Classroom Pack Includes
  • 25 Double Pocket Seat Sacks (includes 25 name cards)
  • 1 Sample Item
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Click Here for a Printable Sizing Chart

Chair Measurements for Seat Sacks

** Measurements shown above are the width of the chair back. **
Chair should measure that width or less for the Seat Sack to fit properly.

Seat Sacks have a tapered design to better fit chairs.

First Measurement:
Measure across the very top of the back of the chair.
Second Measurement:
Measure down 3 inches from the very top of the back of the chair and measure across again at this point.


Would you like to customize the name cards with your school name or logo?

Simply order 100 or more items and we will personalize the name cards for free. 

To receive free customization, please request a quote and we will add free customization to your quote and provide further information.

Please request a quote here.


SEAT SACK® Care Instructions: 
Seat Sacks® are machine washable and can be dried.  Please follow the instructions below:

Machine Wash:
Machine wash on a warm/gentle cycle 

Tumble dry on low
You may also lay flat or hang to dry.

Extra Tips from Teachers:

Please note that we are not promoting any products, only listing ideas that teachers have sent us.

Instagram Post from thelilteacher:  This idea from gocleanco. Throw Seat Sacks® into a tub and soak them in powdered Tide® and Borax®. After soaking machine wash to get the soap out.

Thelilteacher has pictures of her washed Seat Sacks® posted on her Instagram page and they look amazing!

In addition, teachers that had ink on their Seat Sacks® have recommended Amodex®. They do state you must follow the directions on the back of the bottle for a successful removal of the ink.

Seat Sack products meet or exceed the following CPSIA testing guidelines and requirements.
  • CPSIA Certified
  • Flammability Standards-CPSIA 16CFR1500.44
  • Prop 65 Safety Guidelines and Requirements
  • CCPSA Safety Guidelines and Requirements
  • EU Regulations and EN 71 Safety Guidelines and Requirements
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